Drum Lessons

Highest quality equipment

Our Warwick studio specializes in outstanding drum tuition and boasts 3 tuition rooms, all of which come equipped with 2 drum kits for both the student and the teacher. We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute lessons for people of all ages and abilities. Our Top Rock teachers can take you through grades or work with you towards your individual goals providing in depth knowledge, practical exercises and homework which will help you to achieve your musical goals much quicker than you thought possible! All of our drum rooms also include electric and bass guitars which our teachers use to play along with you and give you the authentic ‘live on stage’ experience, which is what it’s all about. 

Our studio has great access from the M40 and is situated next to Warwick racecourse. We have an ample amount of free parking on site with a comfortable reception room for pupils and parents/guardians to wait in.

Join the Top Rock family

Please note that all payment is taken via a monthly direct debit, plus 20% VAT

  • 20 minute lessons

    A great option for younger (6 and under) beginners or those who struggle to focus for long periods of time.

    £15 exc VAT

  • 30 minute lessons

    The perfect lesson length for beginners of all ages! 30 minutes allows plenty of time to work on songs, techniques and styles.

    £18 exc VAT

  • 45 minute lessons

    For those who want a more well rounded lesson and to improve at a faster rate! Includes more complex songs/grades and advanced technique practices.

    £27 exc VAT

  • 60 minute lessons

    The ultimate drum experience! A fantastic option for intermediate/advanced students and adults who want to fast track towards their goals.

    £36 exc VAT